Top 4 Crosscut Paper Shredders for 2017

Paper shredders provide a multitude of benefits ranging from clearing office clutter to protecting you against identity thieves by cross cutting documents and credit cards. There are many different types of paper shredders on the market that not only shred paper and credit cards, but can also shred CDs and DVDs effortlessly. This article will take a look at the top 4 crosscut paper shredders for 2017, what makes them so great, price, and where to find it.

1. Executive Machines 12-sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder

The Executive Machines 12-sheet Crosscut paper shredder is the perfect home or office solution to getting rid of unwanted junk mail and a great way to protect your identity. I currently own this paper shredder, it can easily shred the 12 pages it advertises, shreds DVDs and CDs easily, and also shreds credit cards with ease. The crosscut pattern makes any shreds unidentifiable for anyone to read or piece back together. This Executive Machines crosscut shredder can be found at for $84.99.

2. Fellowes Powershred P-40 Paper Shredder

This great looking small paper shredder can seamlessly be worked into any home office or office setting. The machine can shred up to 8 pages at a time and can even shred the staples and credit cards. The 3.7 gallon capacity is a good medium size for daily use without the need of having to empty the bucket on a regular basis. This crosscut paper shredder can be found at for $59.96.

3. Fellowes Intellishred SB-99Ci Jam Proof Shredder

The previous shredder recommendations are designed for individual; the Fellowes Intellishred is perfect for small business or business offices. At $229.34 it may seem expensive but this paper shredder will not disappoint; it cross shreds for maximum security, shreds up to 17 pages at one time, shreds DVDs, CDs, paper clips, and staples. The shredder also had a large 9 gallon capacity which is great for heavy use. The machine even shuts off when it senses that the hand is too close to the shredder, which is a great quality to have if kids are near the machine. This great paper shredder can be found at

4. Init- Diamond-Cut Paper Shredder

The Init Diamond Cut paper shredder is great for a variety of reasons. The shredder features ultra quiet technology which is great for an office setting where other shredders may be too loud or annoying. The shredder is also small enough to fit into most office spaces and the slim design looks great as well. The documents shredded with this shredder are unreadable and are cannot be pieced together for identity theft. The 4.7 gallon capacity is enough to hold a good amount, but is not recommended for heavy shredding. The only downside is that the machine can overheat if used too much, I recommend this product for the average consumer not someone who has to shred a lot of documents at one time.

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