Speedo Vanquisher Plus Goggles

Speedo is the most known company there is when it comes to swimming and fairly well known in other sports. They are the makers of the best swim suits, the best towels, the best paddles, and the best goggles. Michael Phelps had a contract with Speedo for quite a while until he made several bad choices and quit swimming for several months after the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Speedo is the maker of the Vanquisher goggles, the greatest goggles I have ever worn. Now Vanquisher (+) goggles are the only goggles I wear. In my house anyone could easily find between five and ten pairs of these goggles lying around. I keep them everywhere I might need them. They are located in both of my swim bags (yes I have two): in the laundry room where my bags are located most of the time, my room, and several other convenient locations where I might need to find them. I am very happy with these swimming goggles and would recommend them to all my friends.
Personally, I prefer to use dark goggles all time. The darker the goggles, the more focused I am on exactly what I am doing: swimming. This is another reason I used reflective lens goggles. I know, you might think it a bit excessive to use dark goggles with reflective lenses too, but these are the goggles I like the most. Also, every summer, I have to swim in a fair amount of outdoor pools, and dark reflected goggles help to block out the sun, which is very harmful for swimmers trying to do backstroke. This is another pro of these goggles, but it really is not the reason I use them. The real reason is that once you begin to use a pair of goggles, they very easily become your favorite. Personally, I know that these goggles are good goggles, but the reason I continue to use them is that I always have. I first started using these goggles when I found a pair in the lost and found at my local pool when I was five years old. I was at swim practice and I forgot my goggles, so I used the ones Speedo VanquisherI found instead. After using them, I liked them much better than my old goggles, so I kept them and put my old ones in the lost and found. Ever since that day I have used Vanquisher + goggles made by good old Speedo. That means I have used the same type of goggles for over ten years. That, my friends, means that I have experience with this product and I know what I am talking about. Not to be smug, but yes, I would call myself a veteran when it comes to swimming. Oh, I’m beginning to blush now. The point of this article, which I have really already covered, is that these are just an example of a good pair of goggles. They are my favorite, and if you are going to try different pairs of goggles, I suggest these. They have served me well, and I bet they will be just as reliable for you.

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