Top 4 Crosscut Paper Shredders for 2017

Paper shredders provide a multitude of benefits ranging from clearing office clutter to protecting you against identity thieves by cross cutting documents and credit cards. There are many different types of paper shredders on the market that not only shred paper and credit cards, but can also shred CDs and DVDs effortlessly. This article will take a look at the top 4 crosscut paper shredders for 2017, what makes them so great, price, and where to find it.

1. Executive Machines 12-sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder

The Executive Machines 12-sheet Crosscut paper shredder is the perfect home or office solution to getting rid of unwanted junk mail and a great way to protect your identity. I currently own this paper shredder, it can easily shred the 12 pages it advertises, shreds DVDs and CDs easily, and also shreds credit cards with ease. The crosscut pattern makes any shreds unidentifiable for anyone to read or piece back together. This Executive Machines crosscut shredder can be found at for $84.99.

2. Fellowes Powershred P-40 Paper Shredder

This great looking small paper shredder can seamlessly be worked into any home office or office setting. The machine can shred up to 8 pages at a time and can even shred the staples and credit cards. The 3.7 gallon capacity is a good medium size for daily use without the need of having to empty the bucket on a regular basis. This crosscut paper shredder can be found at for $59.96.

3. Fellowes Intellishred SB-99Ci Jam Proof Shredder

The previous shredder recommendations are designed for individual; the Fellowes Intellishred is perfect for small business or business offices. At $229.34 it may seem expensive but this paper shredder will not disappoint; it cross shreds for maximum security, shreds up to 17 pages at one time, shreds DVDs, CDs, paper clips, and staples. The shredder also had a large 9 gallon capacity which is great for heavy use. The machine even shuts off when it senses that the hand is too close to the shredder, which is a great quality to have if kids are near the machine. This great paper shredder can be found at

4. Init- Diamond-Cut Paper Shredder

The Init Diamond Cut paper shredder is great for a variety of reasons. The shredder features ultra quiet technology which is great for an office setting where other shredders may be too loud or annoying. The shredder is also small enough to fit into most office spaces and the slim design looks great as well. The documents shredded with this shredder are unreadable and are cannot be pieced together for identity theft. The 4.7 gallon capacity is enough to hold a good amount, but is not recommended for heavy shredding. The only downside is that the machine can overheat if used too much, I recommend this product for the average consumer not someone who has to shred a lot of documents at one time.

Pressure Cookers That Really Cook Your Food

When I began as an avid pressure cooker user, I searched around to find the best pressure cooker for me. Let me tell you that finding a good pressure cooker in the 2017 climate is a hard job and I really struggled in making sure I optimised my research ability to find the one that cooks my food the best.

Your kitchen should be where you spend most of your time therefore you should already have some kitchen appliances, giving you some experience with the different manufacturers and helping you to choose with your future pressure cooker purchase.

Black & Decker are a great brand to start off with. They use high quality materials to build their appliances and they are built in the USA. Being built in the USA makes a large difference as some cookers that are built abroad in place such as China or India do not have the same quality standards and checks in place. The materials they use are sourced from local steel manufacturers here in the USA. When I first bought a pressure cooker I decided to go for a unbranded cheaper version that was built in another country, it broke after just a few weeks of use and it did not cook my food quickly. I then invested into a Black & Decker pressure cooker and found that my food was cooked much quicker and much easier. After 2 years of use my pressure cooker is still going strong and has not shown any signs of braking down. Should the cooker experience some faults or have any manufacturing defects, which is very rare – you can simply send in an email or call Black & Decker and they will provide a brand new one – free of charge. This is the great thing about local manufacturers, they have a quick and easy warranty process and it saves you time and money in the long run.

Maple Rice Pudding Recipe, Make it with Real Maple Syrup!

Spring is upon us, and once again the maple sap is flowing in the trees. Although REAL maple syrup is a sugar, it is a healthier option than commercial brand syrups, which are made from high fructose corn syrup and maple flavoring. Real maple syrup is much more than a simple pancake or waffle topping. It can be used to replace sugar in most recipes, with some adjustment for the liquid in the recipe. Many communities have maple sugar festivals and celebrations this time of year. This is the perfect time to buy some REAL maple syrup and try it as a sweetener. This recipe is another from the old 19th century family files. Then as now, winters could be long, and spring could be slow to arrive. But tapping the maple trees every year and making maple syrup always seems to hurry spring along.


Rinse one cup of rice (brown or white) and place it in a rice cooker. Add water to barely cover the rice. Bring it to a boil.

Immediately add 5 cups of milk to the rice. Let the milk scald, then reduce the heat and cover the pan with a lid. Let the pot simmer on low for about 40 minutes, or until the rice is tender. Watch the pot, and stir it often. If the rice and milk thicken, or if the rice begins to stick, add more milk.

Mix together in a small bowl:
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3/4 cup real maple syrup OR honey
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
If you don’t have a nutmeg grater, use one teaspoon nutmeg powder

Turn up the heat to medium high, and stir the egg mixture into the rice. Continue stirring the rice until it thickens. Remove from heat.

Serve this warm or cold.

It never makes it to “cold” at my house…

Try using honey instead of the maple syrup for a different taste. The plain rice pudding is an ideal base to test the flavor of different wild honeys. Stronger flavored, dark honeys are especially good in this recipe.

Cinnamon makes a good substitute for nutmeg, or add both!

Speedo Vanquisher Plus Goggles

Speedo is the most known company there is when it comes to swimming and fairly well known in other sports. They are the makers of the best swim suits, the best towels, the best paddles, and the best goggles. Michael Phelps had a contract with Speedo for quite a while until he made several bad choices and quit swimming for several months after the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Speedo is the maker of the Vanquisher goggles, the greatest goggles I have ever worn. Now Vanquisher (+) goggles are the only goggles I wear. In my house anyone could easily find between five and ten pairs of these goggles lying around. I keep them everywhere I might need them. They are located in both of my swim bags (yes I have two): in the laundry room where my bags are located most of the time, my room, and several other convenient locations where I might need to find them. I am very happy with these swimming goggles and would recommend them to all my friends.
Personally, I prefer to use dark goggles all time. The darker the goggles, the more focused I am on exactly what I am doing: swimming. This is another reason I used reflective lens goggles. I know, you might think it a bit excessive to use dark goggles with reflective lenses too, but these are the goggles I like the most. Also, every summer, I have to swim in a fair amount of outdoor pools, and dark reflected goggles help to block out the sun, which is very harmful for swimmers trying to do backstroke. This is another pro of these goggles, but it really is not the reason I use them. The real reason is that once you begin to use a pair of goggles, they very easily become your favorite. Personally, I know that these goggles are good goggles, but the reason I continue to use them is that I always have. I first started using these goggles when I found a pair in the lost and found at my local pool when I was five years old. I was at swim practice and I forgot my goggles, so I used the ones Speedo VanquisherI found instead. After using them, I liked them much better than my old goggles, so I kept them and put my old ones in the lost and found. Ever since that day I have used Vanquisher + goggles made by good old Speedo. That means I have used the same type of goggles for over ten years. That, my friends, means that I have experience with this product and I know what I am talking about. Not to be smug, but yes, I would call myself a veteran when it comes to swimming. Oh, I’m beginning to blush now. The point of this article, which I have really already covered, is that these are just an example of a good pair of goggles. They are my favorite, and if you are going to try different pairs of goggles, I suggest these. They have served me well, and I bet they will be just as reliable for you.

ASUS zx53vw Review

The ASUS ZX53VW is an amazing 2017 gaming laptop released by ASUS that provides a perfect balance of a sleek and lightweight design with a powerful interior component structure that provides very good performance for the price range.

The laptops shape is similar to that of other ASUS laptops with rounded edges and straight sides, the color scheme varies however most of the laptops come in all black, or a slight grey tint. To get the most of out of your laptop we recommend first of all getting a protective case, this case should be hard or soft but most of all should be able to protect your laptop should it fall off of desks, out your bag or simply slip out of your hands. Another measure you should take is getting a screen protector for your laptop, not only does this help with keeping it clean, it also helps the screen from being damaged by adding another protective layer.

While design and looks of this laptop are just mediocore the pure power of it comes from the performance in the laptop. We see a powerful processor that is capable of handing most high end games and also handling vast multi tasking that could be very processor intensive. We have a powerful graphics card that handles all of your graphics needs from video editing to gaming on some very graphically demanding video games. We have over 8GB of DDR3 RAM that is used for multitasking and works in conjunction with the processor to help video rendering or to help you run programmes. The harddrive is 500GB but this is not what you run the operating system from, instead you use the SSD(solid state drive) to manage your programmes and OS. This will help keep your computer at a fast speed and stop it from being slow.

Overall when we look at gaming laptops we often find many issues with them that make them not so suitable for a gamer but when we look at the ZX53VW we can only be amazed. Our ASUS ZX53VW review is able to be written with helps from our friends at Technology reviews.