ASUS zx53vw Review

The ASUS ZX53VW is an amazing 2017 gaming laptop released by ASUS that provides a perfect balance of a sleek and lightweight design with a powerful interior component structure that provides very good performance for the price range.

The laptops shape is similar to that of other ASUS laptops with rounded edges and straight sides, the color scheme varies however most of the laptops come in all black, or a slight grey tint. To get the most of out of your laptop we recommend first of all getting a protective case, this case should be hard or soft but most of all should be able to protect your laptop should it fall off of desks, out your bag or simply slip out of your hands. Another measure you should take is getting a screen protector for your laptop, not only does this help with keeping it clean, it also helps the screen from being damaged by adding another protective layer.

While design and looks of this laptop are just mediocore the pure power of it comes from the performance in the laptop. We see a powerful processor that is capable of handing most high end games and also handling vast multi tasking that could be very processor intensive. We have a powerful graphics card that handles all of your graphics needs from video editing to gaming on some very graphically demanding video games. We have over 8GB of DDR3 RAM that is used for multitasking and works in conjunction with the processor to help video rendering or to help you run programmes. The harddrive is 500GB but this is not what you run the operating system from, instead you use the SSD(solid state drive) to manage your programmes and OS. This will help keep your computer at a fast speed and stop it from being slow.

Overall when we look at gaming laptops we often find many issues with them that make them not so suitable for a gamer but when we look at the ZX53VW we can only be amazed. Our ASUS ZX53VW review is able to be written with helps from our friends at Technology reviews.

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